Mapping Out Your 90 Day Visibility Success Roadmap

During our time together, we’ll explore three key factors that should be part of your 90 Day Visibility Strategy:

  1. Visibility Action/Activities
  2. Visibility Opportunities/Invitations
  3. Visibility Outcomes/Metrics

We’ll discuss what’s in the way of visibility—starting with
Wait for it… visibility. Overwhelm, exposure, imposter syndrome and other stories we tell ourselves may be inhibiting factors. We want to be seen and then fear being seen. We get in our own heads and in our own way. Instead, we can shift the focus from ourselves to others, from just being seen to being found. Then the energy shifts and we can come from a place of service and value, building confidence as we step out in greater authenticity.

Together, we’ll discuss how repeated, consistent actions help you to have presence and relevance in the platforms where you will best attract your ideal clients and community.

Join Donna Duffy

June 8, 2022

11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 7pm London UK

Donna Duffy is a TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and award-winning marketing strategist. She is the CEO/Founder of 3E Marketing Solutions, offering visibility and marketing solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs. She is the Creator of Sage Success Studio, an online community helping midlife women entrepreneurs showcase their expertise and create their signature body of work for greater visibility, influence, and income. Donna is the Global Business Connector for Delaware for the Women Speakers Association.

A Message from Gail, President of Women Speakers Association

Gail Watson

Gail Watson

President, Women Speakers Association

What is Speaker Success Training?

It’s a monthly gathering of women speakers of all levels of expertise — from all over the world — who come together with a desire to increase their impact by sharing their message. 

Our Speaker Success Training features global experts who have been specifically selected because of their proven track record in their own speaking and training, as well as an affinity for WSA and our members!

Each training is 90 minutes long, has a LIVE Q&A with the guest training and includes the recording so you can add it to your training library. But plan to be there LIVE as you’ll have access to time-sensitive resources!

I look forward to connecting with you — and hope to welcome you to our growing global community of women messengers.

Gail Watson