Empowering Entrepreneurs: Amplifying Impact and Prioritizing Sales

Join us for a training session designed specifically for women entrepreneurs eager to elevate their business to new heights.  This training  bridges the gap between generating revenue and creating meaningful impact.

These are the key takeaways:

  • Discover a proven technique that enables women to not only boost their revenue but also amplify the impact they have on their clients, ensuring a harmonious balance between profitability and purpose.
  • Learn about the transformative power of visualizing success, and understand why taking intentional action is crucial in turning your business dreams into reality.
  • Uncover how leveraging the right tools and training can unlock your unparalleled potential, setting you on a path to achieving your business goals with confidence and clarity.

This training is more than just a learning experience; it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share insights, and inspire each other towards greater success. Whether you’re looking to refine your sales strategy, enhance your impact, or simply find a supportive community of entrepreneurial women, this training is for you.

Featuring Aileen Boyle

August 14, 2024

2pm PT/ 5pm ET/ 10pm London UK

August 15 – Sydney, Aust 7am AEST

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Aileen Boyle is a seasoned businesswoman with 25 years in commercial strategy. She excels in women-led ventures, has mentored at Strathclyde Business School and London School Of Economics, lectured to U.S. MBA students, and judged innovation competitions. Co-author of “Voice of the 21st Century,” she encourages women to embrace their strengths.

A Message from Gail, President of Women Speakers Association

Gail Watson

Gail Watson

President, Women Speakers Association

What is Speaker Success Training?

It’s a monthly gathering of women speakers of all levels of expertise — from all over the world — who come together with a desire to increase their impact by sharing their message. 

Our Speaker Success Training features global experts who have been specifically selected because of their proven track record in their own speaking and training, as well as an affinity for WSA and our members!

Each training is 90 minutes long, has a LIVE Q&A with the guest training and includes the recording so you can add it to your training library. But plan to be there LIVE as you’ll have access to time-sensitive resources!

I look forward to connecting with you — and hope to welcome you to our growing global community of women messengers.

Gail Watson