Join us for our next LIVE training, July 14th, 2021 at 1pm PDT/ 4pm EDT

Get Seen, Booked and Paid

Are you on track to hit 2021 goals?

Do you need more support or visibility?

Bring your questions, bring your challenges and bring your wins to share with our community. This is a time for YOU be part of an interactive, intimate discussion where we can check in with one another, get connected and explore opportunities.

During our time together we will :

  • Get to know and connect with other members
  • Creating more exposure by leveraging your membership
  • Explore opportunity to increase visibility and gaining credibility quickly
  • Easy strategies to get more reach globally
  • How to break through the noise in an online world

Join Gail Watson 

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A Message from Gail, President of Women Speakers Association

Gail Watson

Gail Watson

President, Women Speakers Association

What is Speaker Success Training?

It’s a monthly gathering of women speakers of all levels of expertise — from all over the world — who come together with a desire to increase their impact by sharing their message. 

Our Speaker Success Training features global experts who have been specifically selected because of their proven track record in their own speaking and training, as well as an affinity for WSA and our members!

Each training is 90 minutes long, has a LIVE Q&A with the guest training and includes the recording so you can add it to your training library. But plan to be there LIVE as you’ll have access to time-sensitive resources!

I look forward to connecting with you — and hope to welcome you to our growing global community of women messengers.

Gail Watson